Simply sending remote data online.

From the Arctic Circle to Brazil, from Mt. Kilimanjaro to Antarctica, a DataGarrison station is the simplest and most reliable instrument available for sending your data online.

Secure servers at receive your data day and night from wireless, solar-powered DataGarrison stations sold by Upward Innovations Inc. Click here for product specifications.

About is a secure, online data storage and retrieval platform for remote monitoring stations, allowing real-time* access to data from remote areas around the world. Our proprietary web-platform is compatible with DataGarrison® stations from Upward Innovations Inc.

Customers are provided with encrypted, password-protected accounts and an easy-to-use web interface. Once logged in, they can view real-time* data, set sensor alarms, and control their remote station.

*When accessing data from remote stations, latency is determined by user-defined transmission rates.

Where your data is stored


From receiving crucial frost alarms to monitoring solar energy production, is your complete solution. User accounts are bundled with the purchase of airtime on DataGarrison® satellite or cellular data networks.

Our cost-effective service plans provide access to data from some of the most remote spots on earth.

Satellite plans start at $30.00 per month and are proportional with data bandwidth. Calculate the cost of a service plan based on sensor configuration and logging rate.


USA: 877-943-4328 (877-WIFI-DATA)
International: 01-774-392-0856

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Note: DataGarrison accounts are available to our customers and their colleagues. Please contact us to set up an account.

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*PAR stands for photosynthetically active radiation

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