Tombstone #2 (North Fork Mtn.)
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 Latest Conditions
  07/19/19 12:00 pm
 850.750 mbar
 Solar Radiation
 316.875 W/m2
 698.750 uE
 13.425 oC
 Backup Batteries
 13.303 V
 Speed: 1.559 m/s
 Gust: 6.237 m/s
 Direction: NNW (348o)
 Last 24 hours:
   53.012 mm
 Last 7.00 days:
   71.614 mm

 Station Status
 Trans: every 180 min.
 Logging: every 60.0 min.

 Next Update

 9 sensors
 Wind Speed
 Gust Speed
 Wind Direction
 Solar Radiation
 Backup Batteries 


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